Modern business school helps owners and managers design and develop a better business.

We are passionate about helping business owners and managers through interruptions & struggles and directing them to grow with confidence and clarity by guiding them to take the right actions that produce results that exceed their expectations. 

We believe that running a business is similar to going on a journey. It does not matter if you are starting a trip or already on your way. But what matters is to get from where you are now to the destination without much trouble. 

Like any successful journey from where you are now to where you want to go requires a clear map(plan) and a vehicle (Systematic approach).

Like going on a trip, running a business also requires a map and a suitable scheme that will help you get the outcome you are looking to achieve from your company. 

We invite you to join our school, check out our training, participate in our challenges, and sign up for coaching and mentoring sessions to get unique advice for your specific problems and business scenarios. 

Our evolution to modern business since 1989 – From "process systems engineering" to modern business.

- Ashok Kanagarajah

Consumer goods and services growth model

Consumer goods business

Advances in technologies are inducing intense and rapid changes for companies. Examples include Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, ease of access to data & information and many more. 

The speed at which changes affect companies is hard to predict. But we witness them regularly, for example, the failure of video rentals(BlockBuster) and the rise of movie streaming(Netflix) companies. 

The new breed of companies must learn to handle disruptions and have processes in place to adapt quickly to rapid changes. 

So join our community and learn the processes needed to survive the impact of accelerating technologies.

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Exponential growth model

Exponential growth model

A perfect storm caused by digital disruption and pandemic induced social distancing plus working from home culture is forcing companies to review current business models. 

Our exponential growth models help transform the core of existing businesses into a new ecosystem to which most of us now become accustomed.

Traditionally companies use porter's five forces analysis (free course) to develop growth strategies. But now, with exponential growth models, companies can grow even faster. 

To grow your company exponentially, we encourage you to join our exponential growth community.

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New-age healthcare impro

New-age healthcare improvement

We take an engineering and management approach to help healthcare practices deliver more equitable and high-quality services to the population.

Our applications to improve delivery of services are divided into mass production, patient-centred, and patient-led models. Accordingly, we apply appropriate techniques to enhance the delivery of care. 

We work with medical practitioners such as medical doctors and other professionals and help them deliver improved services.

If you are in care related services, we invite you to join our school or contact us for further information.

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Hi, I’m Ashok Kanagarajah

I have made a career of supporting businesses to improve their performance. I have over 30 years of experience working with Australia's leading listed companies and with selected small to medium-sized companies lately. 

I have distilled my experience and knowledge into three practical frameworks for understanding how to recognise and adapt to changes impacting businesses today. Together with the tools and checklist I provide in my courses, I believe these frameworks will help you grow your company.